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The Status Quo Is God trope as used in popular culture, with a list of examples from all media.

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Learn more about the flag of the United States. . New and past flags, designs, photos and history.

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9,826,675 km2[4][c] (3rd/4th) 3,794,101 sq mi. Further information: European colonization of the Americas and 13 colonies

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The 13th century was also a period of large-scale German immigration. The Germans populated towns and mining districts on the Bohemian periphery and, in some cases, formed German colonies in the interior of the Czech lands.

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13 Republicans, 5 Democrats (list). The Congress was the first meeting of the Thirteen Colonies, called at the request of the Massachusetts Assembly, but only nine colonies sent delegates.[.

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. like America or Australia. *38But in an old and fully peopled country, those who begin life as labourers for hire, as a general rule, continue such to the end, unless they sink into the still lower grade of recipients of public charity.


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Connecticut ( Abbr. CT or Conn. or Ct. ) A state of the northeast United States. It was admitted as one of the original Thirteen Colonies in 1788. $68,595 (3rd) Elevation. 40.13%